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Pr€vention for Profit Competition

This year the Pr€vention for Profit competition is aimed at Irish sheep farmers. To be in with the chance of winning, simple fill in your details below. Good luck!

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The ‘Prevention for Profit’ competition is aimed at progressive lowland and hill sheep farmers that feel they are maximising their profitability by focusing on the four key pillars of production. These pillars are nutrition, breeding, animal health and management.

The competition is divided into two categories, lowland and hill sheep farmers. There will be three lowland sheep farmers and three hill sheep farmers chosen as champions.

The six champions will be assessed on the four pillars of production, namely nutrition, breeding, animal health, and management.

There will be one champion selected from each category and the two lucky sheep farmers will win an all-expenses paid study tour to Scotland in summer, 2022.

The Pr€vention for Profit concept is part of a global MSD animal health initiative which is called ‘#TimeToVaccinate’.

The ‘Time to Vaccinate’ initiative focuses on the use of preventative practices to ensure the well-being of farm animals and the sustainable production of meat, dairy and lamb.

It supports farmers who have already adopted vaccination, as well as farmers who want to learn more about how vaccination can improve animal health, productivity and subsequently profitability.

For more information on the #TimeToVaccinate initiative please click here.

Please read the terms and conditions of this competition here.