Hoof Health

Tackling Lameness

There are many causes of lameness in sheep; effective control depends on correct identification. In the second video of the series, Sarah and Kieran roll up their sleeves to closely examination a sheep’s hoof. The pair identify where some of the common sites where infectious and non-infectious causes can occur. If that’s not enough, Sarah also speaks to sheep farmer, Richard Hogg about his approach to tackling lameness and the financial and labour-saving benefits he has seen since getting on top of lameness in his flock. This one’s not to be missed!


  1. Hoof Health – 5-Point Plan
  1. Hoof Health – Tackling Lameness
  1. Sudden death – Clostridial and Pasteurella
  1. Enzootic and Toxoplasmosis abortion
  1. Optimal Vaccination – Footvax & Heptavac-P



1. Hoof Health – 5-Point Plan

2. Hoof Health – Tackling Lameness

3. Sudden death – Clostridial and Pasteurella

4. Enzootic and Toxoplasmosis abortion

5. Optimal Vaccination – Footvax & Heptavac-P