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Sudden death

Clostridial and Pasteurella

Every animal that dies on farm is a loss that comes with a cost; establishing the reason why, is key to preventing future losses. Act fast and vaccinate is the theme of the third video in the series. Sarah deep dives into the most common causes of sudden death in lambs and the role that vaccination plays in the protection against clostridial and Pasteurella disease. Sheep farmer, Richard also returns to give an insight into his experience of dealing with sudden death in his lambs and why pre-lambing vaccination has worked so well on his farm.


  1. Hoof Health – 5-Point Plan
  1. Hoof Health – Tackling Lameness
  1. Sudden death – Clostridial and Pasteurella
  1. Enzootic and Toxoplasmosis abortion
  1. Optimal Vaccination – Footvax & Heptavac-P



1. Hoof Health – 5-Point Plan

2. Hoof Health – Tackling Lameness

3. Sudden death – Clostridial and Pasteurella

4. Enzootic and Toxoplasmosis abortion

5. Optimal Vaccination – Footvax & Heptavac-P