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Hoof Health

Hoof Health – 5-Point Plan

Flock lameness can be a challenging health and welfare issue facing Irish sheep farmers. To help sheep farmers tackle the problem from all angles, in the first video of the Sheep Health Video Series Sarah Campbell, Ruminant Veterinary Manager with MSD Animal Health and Kieran Devaney, Veterinary Surgeon with Ormonde Veterinary Hospital, talk through the gold standard approach to reducing lameness: The 5-point plan. These 5-points are, cull, quarantine, treat, avoid, and vaccinate. It’s all covered right here!


1. Hoof Health – 5-Point Plan

2. Hoof Health – Tackling Lameness

3. Sudden death – Clostridial and Pasteurella

4. Enzootic and Toxoplasmosis abortion

5. Optimal Vaccination – Footvax & Heptavac-P