Calf Scour

Bovilis Rotavec Corona

What is it?

Bovilis Rotavec Corona is a ‘one dose’ injectable vaccine, given to pregnant cows to subsequently help protect the calf from diarrhoea caused by rotavirus, coronavirus, and E. coli K99 (F5) and F41 once the calf has been fed sufficient colostrum.

How to use:

Dose: 2 ml

Route of Administration: Intramuscular

A single injection should be given during each pregnancy between 12 and 3 weeks before calving is expected.

How Does it Work: 

Bovilis Rotavec Corona will stimulate the dam to produce antibodies which will protect the calf against rotavirus, coronavirus and E. coli K99 (F5) and F41. These antibodies will be stored in the dam’s colostrum. The dam will pass these antibodies to the calf through the colostrum at the first milk feeding. Therefore, it is crucial that the calf receives adequate colostrum as soon as possible after birth.

Remember the 1,2,3 rule when feeding colostrum. In the 1st 2 hours, ensure the calf gets at least 3 litres of colostrum. Feeding the calf good quality colostrum will enhance the protection of the calf against these scour causing pathogens.

Why use Bovilis Rotavec Corona? 

  • Reduces the severity of diarrhoea caused by E. coli (K99 and F41)
  • Reduces the incidence of scours caused by rotavirus
  • Reduces the shedding of virus by calves infected with rotavirus and coronavirus
  • Unique 28 day in-use shelf life
  • Reduces the risk of breakage with PET bottles


Available in 5, 20 and 50 dose packs


Bovilis Rotavec Corona

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