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What is it?

IBR, Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis, is an infectious respiratory disease of cattle. IBR is caused by a virus called Bovine Herpes Virus-1(BHV-1).

Why use Bovilis IBR Marker Live / Bovilis IBR inac

IBR in dairy herds is associated with a drop in milk yield. It can also cause abortion.
Subclinical IBR can result in losses of 2.6kg milk per cow per day

signs relating to respiratory disease

How to use(Bovilis IBR Marker Live):

Dose: 2 ml

Method of administration: 3 months onwards: intranasal use or intramuscular
between 2 weeks and 3 months of age: Intranasal use. For intranasal use (1 ml
in each nostril), the use of a nozzle is recommended.

After the initial injection of Bovilis IBR Marker Live is administered, a second re-vaccination must be administered 6 months later, booster vaccines can then be administered no greater than every 12 months to maintain immunity.

Administration (Bovilis IBR marker Inac)

Dose: 2 ml

Method of administration: Intramuscular.

All cattle can be vaccinated from an age of three months onwards.

Primary vaccination: Two vaccinations with an interval of 4 weeks.

Re-vaccination: One vaccination every 6 months. Bovilis IBR marker inac can be used for re-vaccination in a schedule where Bovilis IBR marker live has been used for primary vaccination

Withdrawal period(s) Zero days (Bovilis IBR Marker Live + Inac)

Bovilis Bovipast RSP can be administered at the same time as Bovilis IBR marker live.

live vs infected

Live vs Inactivated: 

There are two types of IBR vaccines, live vaccines, and inactivated vaccines. Vaccinating with the live vaccine results in less shedding of BHV-1 (IBR) virus in newly infected naïve animals than the inactivated vaccine ˡ. There is also limited evidence that using inactivated vaccine can result in a better reduction of shedding by reactivated latently infected animals than live vaccine³. However, several studies have showed that live IBR marker vaccines provide better protection against clinical signs than inactivated vaccines. Speak to your vet for more information on the advantages of live IBR marker vaccines and which vaccination regime is most suited to your herd circumstances.

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“Animal Health Ireland estimate the annual cost of BVD to Irish herds totals €102 million.”

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