What is it?

Leptavoid-H is the market leading vaccine licensed to protect dairy and beef herds against
both strains of leptospirosis found in Ireland and the UK. Leptavoid-H is tried and proven
and has been the first line choice for many years. Leptavoid-H provides active immunisation
of cattle against Leptospira interrogans serovar hardjo and Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar

Leptavoid-H is the only vaccine licensed to provide protection against two strains of leptospirosis

Why vaccinate with Bovilis Leptavoid-H?

Bovilis Leptavoid-H is unique in the fact that it is the only vaccine licensed to protect
against both strains of Leptospira hardjo. It is also the only vaccine that is licensed to
improve conception rates where Leptospirosis has been diagnosed as a cause of
infertility. Another additional benefit of Bovilis Leptavoid-H is that it can be used on
the same day as Bovilis BVD (to cattle greater than eight months of age).

How to use:

Minimum age of administration: 1 month.

Dose: 2 ml.

Route of administration: Subcutaneous injection.

The container should be shaken well to re-suspend the precipitate before doses are

Withdrawal period(s): Zero days.

Vaccination Programme:

The primary course consists of two doses with an interval of at least 4 weeks and not more
than 6 weeks between them. Ideally the course should be completed pre-turnout the spring
before the main season of transmission of Leptospira Hardjo.

Re-vaccination with a single dose should be given annually to maintain protection against
infection and reduce exposure in the herd. If the primary course is given later than the
spring, the first booster should be given in the following spring and annually thereafter.

Patrick Darmody explains how he protects his herd against leptospirosis while local vet Richard Ryan gives some pre-breeding advice.

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“Animal Health Ireland estimate the annual cost of BVD to Irish herds totals €102 million.”

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