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What is it?

Footvax is an inactivated vaccine is for the active immunisation of sheep against footrot
caused by Dichelobacter nodosus for the purposes of reducing the risk of a clinical infection
due to Dichelobacter nodosus.

Why use it:

Vaccination is a key component of the five-point plan which has been successfully used to
control lameness in sheep

Footbath – Use an effective foot bathing solution.  Ask your vet for details.
Treat – Contact your vet regarding the correct treatment for the different causes of
lameness. Routine foot paring has been associated with an increase in lameness and should
be kept to a minimum.
Quarantine – All lame sheep should be isolated from the flock and treated accordingly.
Isolate bought-in sheep for at least 21 days.
Cull – Chronic carriers will not respond to treatment and should be culled.
Vaccinate – It is highly effective against virulent footrot when used as part of a strategic
plan.  It also helps to reduce antibiotic use, an important consideration with the global
public health threat of antimicrobial resistance.

Lameness can increase labour on the farm and reduce profits. Lameness can also result in
the loss of superior genetics within the flock due to culling of lame ewes.

How to use it: 

Dose: 1ml

Route of Administration: Subcutaneous injection 2-3 injections behind the ear.

Vaccination programme: 2 doses, 6 weeks apart.

Withdrawal Period: Zero Days

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“Animal Health Ireland estimate the annual cost of BVD to Irish herds totals €102 million.”

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