What is it?

Vecoxan is an oral suspension for the prevention of Coccidiosis in calves and lambs.

How does it work:

Vecoxan’s active ingredient, Diclazuril has a short duration of action which allows the animal to
become exposed to the parasite and build a natural immunity to the parasite which decreases the
susceptibility of calves to reinfection.

Why use it:

Vecoxan is a flexible product

  • Licensed to prevent coccidiosis in both lambs and calves
  • Allows naturally immunity to develop
  • Higher daily live weight gain following use of Diclazuril
  • Environmentally friendly


There is ‘no one size fits’ all for treating coccidiosis on farms. It
is important to speak to your vet about the best approach for
your farm.

Historical treatment

Treat whole group 1 week before expected clinical signs:
Requires excellent records, knowledge of previous coccidiosis outbreaks & management history in the herd/flock.


Treat 2 weeks after exposure or treat at time of stress factor (e.g., dehorning, castration, transport, weaning, regrouping etc.)

Clinical Outbreak

Reactive treatment: Treat all calves/lambs in a group when diarrhoea is first seen in 1 or 2 calves/lambs

It is important to always treat all the calves/lambs in the group, as coccidiosis is a group problem, not an individual problem.

A single administration to susceptible animals during risk periods is appropriate although a re-treatment may be necessary if the period of risk is prolonged.

dosage guidelines

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