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MSD Attend Royal Ulster Winter Fair 2014

14th January 2015

Farmers at the Winter Fair were reminded by MSD animal health that prevention is better than cure when it comes to animal diseases.

A large number of milk and beef producers attended the show, from both the Republic and Northern Ireland. MSD had vets and advisors at its stand advising on herd health protocols for the coming months.

According to MSD, disease areas and products most topical at this time of year were BVD (Bovilis BVD), IBR (Bovilis IBR Marker Live), scour vaccination (Rotavec Corona) and both liver and rumen fluke.

When Ballymoney farmer Richard Pollock, left, fell in with vet Fergal Morris on the MSD Animal Health stand at the Winter Fair in Belfast one practical topic was to the fore. The way herd health can be protected against BVD and IBR with a single injection containing Bovilis BVD and Bovilis IBR Marker Live vaccines in the same syringe thus saving time and reducing stress on stock.

Milk price for 2015 was also very high on the agenda of dairy farmers however with expected reduction in milk price for 2015 dairy farmers were reminded of the cost savings by continuing to vaccinate their herd against the relevant disease.

According to MSD, herd health goes hand in hand with productivity of farm animals. Optimum Productivity goes hand in hand with profitability.

The Royal Ulster Winter Fair is one of the main agricultural events on the Northern calendar. It took place this year, for the second time, at the King’s Hall Pavaillons.

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