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MSD host Sustainable Irish Food Production 2025 Conference

6th June 2017

MSD were delighted to open the discussion on the following 5 key topics:
1. Human & Animal Antimicrobial Resistance.
2. The Impact of Potential New EU Legislation.
3. Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions – The Role of the Vet.
4. Sustainable Irish Food Production for Global Markets into 2025.
5. Brexit – Implications for our Industry. 
Growing resistance
Professor Patrick Wall opened the discussion on antimicrobial resistance reminding the attendees that the more you use antibiotics, the faster you lose them through antibiotic resistance. This was followed by a key message given by Conor Geraghty of Veterinary Ireland. ‘If you stand still, you’re going backwards! there is an alternative to antibiotic use’. The session was chaired by Mike Magan of Animal Health Ireland.
The Impact of New EU Legislation
Geoff Dooley of Nuffield Ireland and XL Vets chaired this session which saw MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament reinstate the fact that ‘having a healthy livestock sector means having a healthy economic situation for our farmers. If one country goes that extra kilometer then we need to be up there with them. This industry is about a future where young people can prosper’. This was then followed by Fergal Morris of MSD highlighting the importance of grass based systems stating that Italy use 7 times more antibiotics than Ireland! He also empahised the importance of AMR stating that ‘oral medication is more likely to cause antibiotic resistance than injectable medications’.
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions – The Role of the Vet
This session saw John Gilmore offer great insights into the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland. Some of those points include;
– Eliminating IBR in a dairy herd can reduce carbon footprint in the livestock production system.
– Introducing milk concentrates to milk production can increase greenhouse gas emissions, therefore we must strive to avoid this.
– Livestock production cause more greenhouse gases than industries such as transport. Vets must take a leading role in reducing this.
Reactions and Feedback

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